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The Origins of The Turtle Tub

The Turtle Tub started out as a small pool designed for small children's toys back in 1999.  A friend of mine had suggested that we call it the Turtle Tub and see if people would be interested in using it as a wading pool for their turtles. The original Turtle Tub however was not constructed with a pet in mind and so it did not really sell.

After visiting a pet store in the spring of 1999 and consulting a very enthusiastic employee a new Turtle Tub design was developed. This was the original Turtle Tub I (no longer available). The original Turtle Tub I is basically a pool that has stairs going down to it. The original intent for the Turtle Tub was that it was easily placed and removed. One of the biggest complaints about a turtle pool in an aquarium was that you had to make your own. The most useful pools would be a ceramic dish that the turtle had to crawl up and into, however the edge of the dish would cause the turtle to get caught or stuck on. Additionally, the ceramic style pools really were not that aesthetically pleasing and it did not add much to the overall aquarium setting.

The response for the Turtle Tub I was phenomenal. We ran out of stock very quickly. Unfortunately we ran into a snag in that tool that we have developed was very fragile and required extensive repair.

The Turtle Tub I is simple enough but has some downsides to it and that you had to fill up the whole aquarium with rocks or peat gravel so that the pool could be accessed by the turtle. Effectively what was occurring is that the turtle would have to climb up and then down into the pool. As a result the Turtle Tub II was developed. They too have a good customer response, however the common request was that the Turtle Tub II be larger.

Turtle Tub I shown superimposed over the Turtle Tub III.  As you can see the Turtle Tub III is wider, and has a step in and out section.

So what we did was to develop a new a larger  Turtle Tub I or the Turtle Tub III.  

It has the same steps as the Turtle Tub II where the reptile or lizard can climb up and down into the tank. Additionally the step area is designed to be more friendly for a turtle.

The Turtle Tub line has been in existence for over 12 years and has been an exciting product to see used all over. From being placed into a prominent zoo and being recommended by many parents as an excellent product for easy cleaning and overall pet health. It helps keep the aquarium clean, gives the turtle or reptile place to soak and it is made of a durable plastic material so it will last for years and years.

Additionally the Turtle Tubs or Reptile Pools are not just relegated to being pools they are great as islands and nesting areas.