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The Aquarium Pond Environment Nesting Spot

The New Way For Turtles To Nest.  Ideal For Breeders.  

Turtles need a place to bask.  Female Turtles in particular require a place to lay eggs.  The nesting spot is a must have for turtles, especially if you want a happy turtle.  The products on the market today are typically those that are placed on the floor, such as a large turtle pool with built in nesting area.  The concept is called the "pond environment."  It provides the needed swimming area and the nesting area that many varieties of turtles require for optimum health and temperament.

The down side to the large "pond environment tub" is that the unit is large and cumbersome.  It eats up a lot of real estate in living quarters and typically because of its size and awkwardness is relegated to the back room or the basement.

The Dilemma  

Most people are looking for a pet enclosure that is not noxious to the eyes but actually a complement to the living environment.  For example, many of us remember being mesmerized by the giant fish tank at the doctors office, almost becoming oblivious to the pending doctors pin pricks and probes.  The fish tank took our interest so keenly that we all but forgot our own little problems.

That is what a turtle tank should be.  A complement to our furniture, not an eyesore but a pleasing place to visually escape.  A place to watch our turtles frolic around in their aquarium and laze around under the sun lamp.  Trouble is as we state before, the common enclosure is a large monster 35 or 50 gallon tub that sits on the floor in the dining room with all sorts of pumps and lamps clamped on or duct taped in place....not an impress your friends kind of set up.  More like a college kid or high school kid project, one that will eventually fade into the near future.  One of  those "phase projects" versus a long haul project.

Needless to say, that is not fair to the turtle or critter.  When investing in a turtle or lizard the mindset should be one of years, not months.  Additionally, there should be a meeting of the minds with the parents.  The turtle enclosure does not have to sit on the floor, the counter, be relegated to the back room or stuffed down in the basement next to the water heater.

The pond environment too is an important concept for turtle health and temperament, as we state before.  Retaining this concept is our aim with our turtle pools or the Tortoise Reptile Tubs found here at Turtle Tub.com.  We manufacture durable high quality pools that both serve as pools but more importantly for turtles that swim it can serve as an island.  This is key to the whole concept an "aquarium pond environment."

The Nesting Spot

The nesting spot or nesting area provides the need for the turtle to bask, lay eggs or nest.  Basically the pool is filled full of quality nesting material such as sand or loose rocks.  The "nesting spot-pool" then is placed into an aquarium tank.  The tank then is filled full of water.  Depending on how deep the water level is needed, the pool can be elevated using basic supports or rocks.  Typically though the pool can float and be supported by cables to keep it orientated properly.  The simplest method is to just place the pool on the bottom of the aquarium tank and then fill it the water level accordingly.

Water Changes

Filtering the water is obviously needed in these larger aquariums, however, periodic cleaning is needed and this is usually the most dreaded process of owning a pet.  Cleaning the tank is a big headache; it need not be though.

The removable pool keeps the mess way, way down in that the nesting spot can be easily removed, cleaned up underneath, and around using the harshest of cleaners such as bleach if needed, and then replaced back into position after the main tank has been drained and cleaned.

This benefit alone makes the Tortoise Reptile Tub a winner in it own right.  Removing and then cleaning the tank is just a major plus.

Having a pool that is not an eyesore, but looks like it belongs is the other plus.  You may have the nice aquarium all decorated around the outside, but then fill it full of junk and you have just canceled out the whole idea of a presentable aquarium pond environment.  The Tortoise Reptile Pool because it can be ordered in different colors can be custom blended to your aquarium setting.  In fact if you are desperate enough to get the color that you want, just send us a color sample and we will do our best to match that color. 

Breeders And The Tortoise Reptile Tubs

Breeders love these Pools because they make perfect nesting spots.  In the world of Turtle breeders this is the next wave of products that is going to sweep the nation.  Again, a Gamble Industries first we have been serving the industry for over 12 years having consulted many reptile owners on their opinions about what a pool should be and do. 

You can maximize your breeding output by having multiple islands in your set up.  Instead of a couple monster tanks, all you need are several islands.

To Recap...

To recap, the nesting island concept (patent pending), is designed to incorporate the pond environment, the aquarium setting, and easy tank clean up in one package.  Just think of the hours saved in clean up, the space saved you apartment or house and most of all the happy critters when using this Nesting Sport Idea in your reptiles enclosure.

Comments About Floating Islands....

All the Tortoise Reptile Pool II (Turtle Tub II) and Tortoise Reptile Pool III (or Turtle Tub III) can be used as the Nesting Island by filling them with substrate such as sand.  If the unit is desired not to float it, holes can be drilled into the top area to let air vent and keep the pool from floating.  Large rocks can be buried in the substrate to add more weight and keep the pool more stable if it does float.

A floating pool is not a problem, it can be stabilized by confinement.  Rods can be inserted into the holes to provide stabilization while the pool is allowed to float up and down.  Typically a minimum of two rods and a maximum of four rods can be used for stabilization.