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Reptile Enclosure Pool Placement

Turtle Tub Installation Instructions


The Turtle Tub product line is a versatile pool system that is designed to accommodate a wide variety of turtles and reptiles such as snakes, iguanas, frogs, toads, bearded dragons..etc.. 

Standard Pool Set Up



For the Standard Pool Set up the pool is placed in the turtle (or reptile environment) as a stand alone pool. The entrance in the pool is accomplished by the stairs in the front. Some reptiles may not know there is an edge to the pool so rock and or the aquarium glass can serve as a barrier. Be aware that the reptile can fall off the edge, especially when climbing up into the pool

Pool Only Set Up

Because of the nature of the pool design, the steps may be too steep for some turtles, or reptiles, so some pet owners prefer to stack up material in the front area of the pool. In sinking the pool into the substrate. For example, peat gravel is piled up at equal height to the pool top. To make pool extraction easier, larger stones, rather than gravel can be used in the stair area.

Shallow Pool Set-Up 

Some species of turtles need shallow water. Some of the pool units are relatively deep, but can be shallowed up by filling the turtle tub with gravel. This allows the water depth for the turtle to be adjusted to your custom depth. As usual, when cleaning the tub, clean the gravel too.

Island Set-Up

An inverted set up for the turtle tub is to fill the turtle tub with nesting material such as sand and then place the unit in a tank of water. If your intention is to use the pool as a nesting area; then an air outlet hole is needed to prevent the pool from floating. A small hole will need to be drilled in the upper surface of the pool to prevent it from floating. The island set up is ideal for using in larger aquariums. The main aquarium is filled with water, while the pool acts as a nesting area. 

Here is another article on Nesting Spots....

Island Resting Set Up


The turtle tub can also be put upside down and used as a basking island. The rest of the aquarium is filled with substrate allowing egress into the relatively shallow pool. The main bottom to the pool then acts as a basking or resting area.

Enhancing Stair Friction

Some turtles have difficulties exiting and tend to slide down the exit versus walking out.  There are various options to increase friction, first double side bath mat grit type tape can be added to the stair sections.  Secondly a rug of plastic grass can be either taped onto the stair surfaces, or can be screwed into the turtle tub stair section.  It is important to use Stainless Steel screws to hold down the carpet section, to prevent the screws from rusting.

Care for the Pools

The pools can be cleaned with household cleaners such as bleach or dish soap. Be sure to have the units flushed with water after cleaning to rid the units of bleach or soap residue.  Most reptiles are sensitive to cleaners and soaps.