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Tortoise Tub Reptile Pool I

The Turtle Tub I is primarily a pool or an inverted Turtle Tub II. The Turtle Tub I is designed to fit 10 gallon tanks or larger and has a capacity of 1.6 gallons.

Turtle Tub I  (1.6 Gal)

Fits smaller aquariums, 10 gallons or larger.  Fits one turtle, or lizard.  1.6 gallon capacity.  Ideal for smaller aquariums

This pool can be used three ways.  It can be used as a pool, upside-down as an island, or the pool can be used as a nesting area for reptile egg incubation.  

The pool version requires that rocks be built up around the pool so that the turtles (or any other reptile) can access the pool.  Typically peat gravel is used to surround the  tank, and then the tank is filled with water.

For those pet owners who want as minimal work as possible, the Turtle Tub II and Turtle Tub III were developed which allow the reptile to easily climb up and into the pool.

The Turtle Tub 1  however contains more gallons of water than the Turtle Tub II, up to 1.6 gallons which some pet owners prefer.  


The pool is made of 1/8 th inch durable plastic that is easily cleaned with household cleaners, and also is stain resistant, unlike silicone caulking  and stoneware pools.

Turtle Tub I

  • Unique style of steps to aid pet in transfer from water to flat areas.
  • Fits into 10 gallon or larger tanks
  • Pool capacity 1.6 gallons
  • Pets: One  turtle, salamanders, frogs 
  • Dimensions: 18"x9.5"x"3.25"
  • Color: Durable Black HDPE



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This Tub only comes in black.  If you wish it in another color please contact Turtle Tub.com and we can work out something for you.

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