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Tortoise Reptile Tub II


Turtle Tub II Aquarium Pool

Listen to what the Experts have to say:

Zoo Keeper's Comments 

"I wanted to give you some feedback on the Turtle Tub II. 

I am a keeper at the Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa Florida.  

I put the tub in our Eastern Box Turtle Enclosure, which is outdoors. The little guy absolutely loves it!

 I tried it with our Gopher tortoises, African spurred tort and Yellow foot tort- also outdoors and they all were delighted with the Tub!  

I placed it in a corner, so the back and side were against the "walls". They didn`t move it or try to get around it! 

I would like to purchase another 3 from you! I plan to spread the word on our online international zookeeper forum!  

Thanks Cheryl Janecka "

 Lowry Park Zoo Tampa Florida www.lowryparkzoo.com

Here is another!

"I would like everyone to know what a really great product the Turtle Tub II is. 

They are very durable, made from a thick heavy plastic, which will withstand years of use, but flexible enough to make insertion in your aquarium easy! 

They only take a few seconds to install or remove, even a child can do it. 

These are perfect for all semi-aquatic reptile and amphibians. Your frog, turtle, salamander hermit crab or newt, will love you for this purchase! 

They are even perfect to place in a larger tank to use as a water bowl, especially for reptiles that can`t easily climb in or out of a deep dish. 

My hatchling Sulcatas kept flipping over climbing out of their water dish, I would have given anything for one of these then. 

They are also great for snakes that spill their water bowl a lot, these fit snugly against the sides of the aquarium, so they will not spill or tip. 

There is also no room for your critter to get trapped between the tank and tub. 

With a son who is studying to become a herpetologist, I have tried hundreds or reptile products. Turtle Tubs are by far one of the best products on the market! I have never seen a reptile product made this well at this price!  

The people from the Rain Forest Collection are very friendly and communicative. 

I highly recommend these for anyone, from the single pet owner to breeders and pet stores.

Thank you, Kentucky USA"


The Turtle Tub II is a unique product from the product series the Rain Forest Collection and is good  for just about any reptile. 

 The  Turtle Tub II is designed to help keep your pet area clean and provide a swimming area for your pet as well.  

With eight inch thick plastic walls and unique styling the Turtle Tub II is a perfect compliment to your aquarium setting.  

The Turtle Tub II as well as the Rain Forest Lagoon (see Rain Forest Pool 10 gal) is designed to fit snugly in 10 gallon tanks. The flush side walls will keep your pet in the pool area and not under or around it.  

For pet owners with larger animals or more turtles the Turtle Tub (See Turtle  Pool  20 Gal )  is perfect for 20 gallon tanks or larger, providing ample swimming and lounging areas.

 Installation and removal of all the Rain Forest Collection is simple and does not require any ungluing and siliconing.  

Made of durable plastic, the pools can be cleaned easily with standard household cleansers: unlike stoneware that may stain, the pools retain their color.

Turtle Tub II

  • Unique Styling aids pet climbing both in and out of pool

  • Fits into 10 gallon or larger tanks

  • Pool Capactiy: ¾ Gallon Pool

  • Flush side walls keep pets in tank area and not under pool

  • Does not require large amounts of gravel

  • Pets: One to Two Turtles, salamanders, frogs: medium size reptiles

  • Dimensions: 18.25" x  9.75" x 3.75"

  • Color: Black Plastic


Black Turtle Tub II
I would like to purchase the Black Turtle Tub II for $22.95 + $9.00Shipping and Handling in the continental United States. (Contact seller for other shipping options and we will send you a buy it now link complete with shipping costs.) 

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Sandstone Turtle Tub II 
I would like to purchase the Sandstone Turtle Tub II for $22.95 + $9.00 Shipping and Handling in the continental United States. (Contact seller for other shipping options and we will send you a buy it now link complete with shipping costs.)

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