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Reptile Tortise Tub V

Turtle Tub V

Turtle Tub V 

Dimensions:  22" x 15" x 9"  

Capacity: 10 Gallons

Side Entrance: 10 Inches Wide 

It is made of fiber glass with a custom color.

This particular tub was developed in collaboration with one of our customers.  This particular design has a deep swimming area, and a single side entrance and exit.  The design of this tub is a carry over from the Turtle Tub one, which consisted of one end of the tub being stairs, and the other end a pool.  

Most customers have been asking for a larger pool capacity.  This particular design fullfills the need of having large pool capacity, without interupting the entire length of it with stairs.

This tub is unique tub in that the stairs to the pool are off to one side allowing the majority of the space to be used as a soaking-swimming area.

Very often the limitation of the single-ended-staired pools is that the pool exit is at the side of a cage or reptile enclosure. This does not allow the reptile to exit the pool, but bump into the wall. This particular design allows maximized placement of the pool, without eating up all the space in the reptile enclosure.

The stairs themselves can eat up pool space, so the limited stair size is essential in this design to maximize pool space, and pool placement. This particular pool holds ten gallons of water with its 9 inch deep pool. Additionally, the pool width is designed around common width reptile enclosure, allowing end placement of the pool instead of “side ways placement.”

This pool is so big, it will fit a young 4 year old child easily. In addition to being big, it is very durable, made out of fiberglass, this pool will not erode, or break. Being large, it can fit a filtration system easily, cutting down the water change frequency to weeks versus daily water changes.

The stairs are steep enough to allow easy transition in and out of the pool without eating up precious swimming space.

Being 22 inches in length and 15 inches wide the tub is designed for larger aquarium or reptile enclosures.  The pool is buried in the substrate of the enclosure.

The pool is also available specialized colors at no extra charge. The color shown is sandstone. The standard color is black. When ordering be sure to specify the color you want the pool in.

See what a customer said:

"This product turned out to be a remarkable success! Suction cups work great with this product (I have both a water filter and a water heater suctioned horizontally near the bottom of this tub. It fits just fine in my cage. It doesn't bend when I pick it up. It's solid, yet light. It's nice and deep. The lizards are also able to climb really easily in and out of the tub and the stairs are even horizontal enough for them to hang out there while they drink water from the tub. All in all, I consider this product PERFECT for my needs!  :-) "


Reptile Enclosure with the right side using the Turtle Tub V. (look closely you can see lizards in the tree branches.) Click on picture to enlarge A close up of the Turtle Tub V at the front of the enclosure.  A water filtration system has been installed.  If you look closely you can see the tail of the lizard in the cage off to the left.  Click on picture to enlarge


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