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The Turtle Tub III R

Turtle Tub III R is a roomy 4 gallon tub that is 24 x 17 x 6.  It  is even easier to remove from the aquarium for cleaning and has the unique sloping surfaces up into the pool and out of the pool for pool access.
This Tub is identical to the Turtle Tub III except it has a removable pool (hence the Turtle Tub III R).  "Why," you might ask, "would you want to have a removable pool?"  Well we discovered over the years that a removable tub was the key to success but many people wanted something even easier.  So we created the Turtle Tub III R, which is even easier to remove and thus clean. 

To start with, the Turtle Tub III R is big.  I am talking 4 gallons big.  Secondly, it has room for more than one turtle. And as usual it has the patent pending design of remove-ability and easy entrance and exit stair design. A Gamble Industries first in turtle aquarium products venue.

The Turtle Tub III R is a phenomenal pet aquarium break through:
- No more taking the pets out to clean the aquarium
- No more siliconing or gluing in partitions to make your own pool
- No more ugly clay pots, plastic bowls or improvised pools
- No more risk of major spills
- Improve your pets health by being able to clean daily with no hastle if needed.
- Keep the immune system of your pet in check with proper water regulation.
What The Turtle Tub III Does For You Is:
- Keeps the water separate from the terrarium setting
- Pull the pool out of the aquarium for easy cleaning
- Leave the pets in the aquarium while cleaning the pool
- Allow your pets to swim and soak in a sizeable pool of water

In short don't worry about clean-ups, water changes, and contaminated water problems
In short The Turtle Tub III R is:
- A large pool of 4 gallons (compare to the Turtle Tub III)
- Stair Steps up and out of the pool: Gamble Industries Patent pending design: a first in the market!
- Durable Plastic Composite: will last forever. Lifetime guarantee: Will never break or degrade!
- Fits into the most common breeder tank available: 40 gallon tank
- Not just for turtles: iguanas, snakes: reptiles of all sorts!

Yes I would like to purchase the Turtle Tub III R for $79.99 + shipping and handling.

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